Be True to Yourself

For 7 years I worked in administration, it was a good job paid pretty well and wasn’t taxing on me – being over 60 and overweight, but I kept getting nudges from my inner voice to give up. I ignored these thinking what a stupid idea – “I’ll never get another job like this at my age” – I have realised I’m very good at ignoring my hearts guidance by keeping ‘busy’, but God, the Universe or whatever you prefer to call the higher power that knows what is best for us always finds a way to wake us up, with me usually by a huge shock to the system, out of the blue my branch in the company was closed and I lost my job.

That was 7 months ago, I spent the next 6 months doing little things which were beneficial to me but still kept ‘busy’ enough to keep running in circles ignoring ‘that voice’. I wasn’t unhappy but I had no joy inside, I knew I needed to start writing, I was doing things like a little yoga here and there, a walk occasionally, even hiking/climbing a couple of mountains but this was still so far from what my heart desired.

A dear friend had graciously bought me a van to start travelling this wonderful country of ours and I spent a couple of nights being adventurous, not at all what my dream had been – anyway that’s a whole other blog.

I’ve known for years that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and that God works all things together for our good, so I am finally trying to walk the talk being true to myself. I have soaked my brain in some wonderful motivational podcasts (I’ll leave links for these in future blogs), have been practising yoga and meditation on a daily basis and eating a hell of a lot cleaner, working on giving up smoking – again and am now putting the effort into writing. I feel so much more joy and peace, so now I just want to say – watch this spaceūüĆąūüíúūüĆą

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The Third Trimester!!

Hi, being a few months short of my 63rd birthday it‚Äôs about time I started to put my words into action. I have been saying ‚ÄúI‚Äôm gonna‚ÄĚ for so long, so here goes….

For the last 7 years I have been working a 9 to 5 job, stuck on the proverbial merry-go-round, one day rolling into the next and for most of those years the weekends were spent catching up on housework and then escaping into binge watching tv shows, all the time having a yearning in my heart for something more, I started listing to motivational speakers Wayne Dyer being a great inspiration and something he said hit me like a ton of bricks….‚ÄĚdon‚Äôt die with your music still in you!‚ÄĚ It‚Äôs amazing when you start listening to your inner voice how the synchronicities start happening, a dear friend who I had known since school got in touch with me and we caught up after not seeing each other for about 20 years and found we were both searching for a deeper meaning to our lives rather than just merely existing, she said to me ‚Äúyou know Moon we‚Äôre in the final trimester of our lives‚ÄĚ WOW another smack in the face!!

I had been a mum for the past 35 years, raising four wonderful kids who I love with all my heart……..

I wrote this about 8 months ago and thought I had lost it, just found it after starting a new blog today. Yes it’s unfinished but here goes publishing it anyway!

latest lessons i’ve learnt

1. never say never

2.  never give up hope

3.¬† eat, pray, love….so important for sustaining life!

4.¬† set goals….”without a vision the people perish”

5.¬† don’t judge others….that’s not our job

6.  be thankful!!

7.¬† smile…even on the inside!

8.¬† realise all that we have are gifts…hold everything with open hands

9.¬† learn to let go….being a control freak is so controlling!

10. try to journal things, i can remind myself and maybe help others


isn’t¬† it¬† strange¬†¬† how¬† when¬† you¬† find¬† closure¬†¬† on¬† a¬†¬† chapter of¬† you’re¬†¬†life¬† it¬† all¬† of¬† a ¬†sudden ¬†feels¬† like¬† you’re in ¬†limbo.¬† That door shuts,¬† you¬† feel¬† relief,¬† but¬† somehow¬† the¬† reality¬† of¬† never going¬† through¬† that¬† door¬† again¬† makes you¬† feel¬† like¬† you’re¬† in a¬† dark¬† room,¬† no¬† going¬† back,¬† too scared¬† to¬† move¬† forward¬† and¬† look¬† for¬† another¬† window or¬† door–what if¬† there¬† is¬† none? what¬† if¬† the¬† floor¬† drops¬† away¬† into an¬† abyss–you¬† hope¬†¬† that¬† it¬† won’t¬† be¬† long¬† before¬† the¬† light¬† floods¬† in as¬† the¬† new¬† door¬† opens¬† and¬† so¬† begins¬† the¬† writing¬† of¬† the¬† next¬† chapter¬†……

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